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RTF has been owned and operated by the same
family since it was founded in 1961. Our mission
is to use our resources – our exceptional people,
equipment and technology – to help customers succeed,
and to solve their problems (such as surface
improvement and dimensional repair) quickly.

RTF began by providing tumble finishing in barrels.
Later, we added vibratory processing for deburring,
cleaning, burnishing, radiusing and microfinishing.
A quarter century ago, RTF expanded to provide
media blasting using steel media and aluminum
oxide; today we also offer glass bead blast services.

In 2005, RTF expanded its surface improvement services
again, to include zinc phosphating.
The finishing line that was commissioned in July, 2005
is truly “world class”, offering numerous finishing and
topcoat options, and four choices of topcoat. It is ideal
for our automotive, off-highway, medical device and
general manufacturing customers.

Most importantly, it will save dollars, transportation and
time for new and existing customers who use both our
mechanical finishing and surface finishing services.


Surface improvement, from rust removal to
abrasive blasting, and zinc phosphating
is our specialty!

RTF pays attention to detail:  GM transmission pin has critical dimensions and must be free of media contamination.
Rack ready for zinc phosphating
“Vibe team” insures full parts separation during processing in steel media.
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