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Black Oxiding

RTF offers highest quality black oxide processing
for steel and iron parts.

Our advanced blackening system increases corrosion
protection, enhances resistance to abrasion and improves
the lubricity of appearance steel, stainless steel and iron
components. It is often used to improve the appearance
and decorative value of components, and to reduce glare
on industrial tools and machinery.

Parts that have blackened using the RTF black oxide
process are uniformly deep black – no off-color green,
brown or red films. RTF black oxide parts also stay deep
black – color will no rub off over time.

Black oxide processing from RTF provides many
advantages, while preserving the metallurgy and
dimensional integrity of precision components. It is
suitable for components with blind holes and is often
used for threaded components, because it doesn’t
generate a build-up, as other processes can. Our black
oxide process meets government specifications for black
oxide on steel, including MIL-C-13924 and AMS-2485.

RTF provides black oxide processing using both rack
and barrel, depending on the component. Our black oxide
process readily absorbs post-dip products, including
high-gloss thin film oils, water-soluble oils and dry films
that allow near-immediate packaging. These provide
additional rust protection and shelf life.

RTF black oxide processing is ideal for automotive
components, machinery, firearms, specialty tooling,
gears, hand tools, fasteners, and many other components
where a durable black, clean finish is desirable.

Surface improvement, from rust removal to
abrasive blasting, black oxiding to zinc phosphating,
is our specialty!

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