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Good Vibrations

  • A major automaker experienced rear end noise
    on current model SUVs.  After intense diagnostics,
    their engineers determined that the only difference
    was that the part, a limited slip disk,  had not been
    processed at RTF, as it had been in previous
    model years.

RTF and the automaker worked together and
applied a technique used on aircraft components
to relieve metallurgical stress using a unique combination of blast and vibratory processes. 
The noise promptly disappeared.

  • RTF developed a process for blasting stainless
    steel nuts, used on exhaust system clamps. Our
    process substantially improved the adhesion
    characteristics of a special coating.  
  • RTF is building an enhanced length, wrap-around
    screen deck to assure best-possible media separation,
    and produce a better steel media result (despite the
    bouncing inherent in steel media!) We are also
    updating our equipment controls, and building
    a work deck for closer parts inspection, and to
    assist in loading and unloading.



Surface improvement, from rust removal to
abrasive blasting, and zinc phosphating
is our specialty!

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