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Media Blasting /
Abrasive Blasting

RTF media blasting / abrasive blasting offers a
precise and economical way to remove metal,
strip paint, debur, descale, impart a satin finish
to metal parts, or improve coatings adhesion.
blasting can also clean the internal passages and holes of
complex parts, or help salvage a part that would otherwise
become scrap due to damage during manufacture.

RTF media blasting / abrasive blasting is an
excellent and versatile surface preparation for
coatings or adhesives:
by increasing the surface area,
the bond between the metal and the paint, plating or
powder coating or adhesive is substantially enhanced.

RTF has more than 40 years experience helping
customers solve problems by using steel media blasting,
aluminum oxide media blasting, and glass bead blasting
in innovative ways – and sometimes innovative
combinations. We have the broadest base of experience
in selecting the particle size, velocity, and method of
work best suited to your application.

RTF steel media blasting services use rubber belt
wheelabrators and fine media for cleaning finished parts,
and tabletop media blasting systems for large and
complex components.

RTF has multiple production barrels for media
blasting using aluminum oxide.
Our fast-cutting
aluminum oxide blasting systems are ideal for even the
hardest metals and carbides. Glass bead media blasting
is used for thin gauge parts, parts with thin welds,
or where a brighter finish is required. Our extensive range
of media, including 3 sizes of steel media, assures parts
are processed effectively and efficiently, and that finer
parts are protected.

Surface improvement, from rust removal to
abrasive blasting, and zinc phosphating
is our specialty!

Our extensive range  of steel, ceramic, plastic and cob media assures parts are processed effectively and efficiently.
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