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Parts Repair Using Custom
Combinations – Blast, Soak and
Vibe, Burnish

RTF provides comprehensive repair and salvage
for finished parts that have been processed
elsewhere, and whose dimensions are out of spec, have
corroded or developed scale due to environmental or
other factors, or are otherwise unsellable due to surface
or dimensional defects.

We have developed a core specialty in the repair and
restoration of both high-value components and parts that
require finish processing because surface characteristics
are inconsistent within a batch.

Using custom combinations of processes that include
blasting, soak and vibratory finishing, burnishing and
rust removal, we restore parts to meet their original
specifications.  A Profilometer allows the checking of
the surface finish.

RTF is geared to a .0002” quality standard, and
specializes in complex-shaped components that require
dimensional repair – or resurfacing – quickly.

RTF also supports customers – and helps prevent
problems – with reverse process engineering. Here,
RTF develops a part specification for the OEMs, indicating
precisely how much material a particular RTF surfacing
process (or series of processes) will remove. It then
specifies to the OEM what to send RTF in terms of OD,
to achieve the final result the manufacturer is seeking.

This is an unusual process– but has proven, for a many
programs, to be highly effective in producing large
volumes of parts that are exceptionally consistent in
their dimensions and in their microfinish.

Let us partner with you to solve problems,
and provide the services you need!

Surface improvement, from rust removal to
abrasive blasting, and zinc phosphating
is our specialty!


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