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Vibratory Finishing,
Micro Surface Improvement,
Barrel Finishing for OEMs and
Fine Blanking Companies

RFT provides OEMs and fine blanking companies
with vibratory finishing
for deburring, cleaning,
burnishing, radiusing and microfinishing. We also provide
vibratory finishing for micro surface improvement.

Micro improvement using our vibratory systems can
replace costly one-at-a-time grinding with processing
of up to 30,000 pieces simultaneously. RTF micro
improvement is performed to the microfinish
specifications of the blueprint.

RTF’s close tolerance capability makes us the choice
of leading fine blanking companies. The precise inner
and outer surfaces required of parts produced by fine
blanking makes RTF an excellent supplier for fine
blanking shops throughout the region.

RTF has more than 900 cu. ft. of vibratory capacity,
with 225 cu. ft. capable of turning steel media. We have
more than 25 vibratory finishing systems in service,
with sizes ranging from 2-1/2 ft. to 100 cu. ft. This
assures that your vibratory finishing needs are met
exactly as you specify, regardless of part size, or the
size of the run.

RTF provides vibratory finishing for castings weighing
50 lbs. and more, and stampings more than 40” long if
needed. Many parts we receive for vibratory finishing
requires multiple specialty processes to achieve the
desired results; our ability to write a process recipe that
achieves all of the customer’s objectives efficiently
and quickly is what truly makes RTF stand apart!

RTF specializes in expert, custom vibratory finishing
for both ferrous and nonferrous parts. We use several
liquid compounds to achieve the optimum level of
abrasion, grind pattern and roughness, and custom-
blend compounds where needed to achieve
best-possible results.

RTF’s vibratory finishing customers include large
OEMs, fine blanking companies, Tier 1s, heat treaters,
and other job shops. When quality and delivery count
the most, we truly are “the tumbler’s tumbler!”

Surface improvement, from rust removal to
abrasive blasting, also zinc phosphating,
is our specialty!

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