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Zinc Phosphating

Companies who need mechanical finishing services
and zinc phosphating can lower their total costs,

improve scheduling and lower transportation expenses
with RTF’s state-of-the-art zinc phosphating line, which
was commissioned in 2005. The line was engineered for
greatest uniformity of deposition, highest batch-to-batch
repeatability and maximum flexibility in meeting
customer needs.

The line applies light or heavy zinc phosphating,
and there's a separate additive tank for imparting a black
finish. The heavy zinc phosphating process (2000 mg/ft.2)
is used primarily for automotive, off-highway, machinery
and other heavy-service components. For parts that will
subsequently be painted or powder coated, RTF applies
a calcium-modified zinc phosphating that deposits a
microcrystalline base.

There are various topcoat options on the RTF zinc
phosphating line:
a water-displacing oil that produces
maximum long-term corrosion protection, a water-
displacing oil that is dry-to-the-touch, a water-soluble
oil and a water-based rust inhibitor.

RTF’s zinc phosphating line processes using racks or
barrels. Parts as large as 48” X 14” can be accommodated.
A gas dryer is available for racked parts with complex
shapes; parts that are processed in barrels are generally
spin-dried. RTF’s specially-designed barrels will
accommodate separation chambers that can empty
independently, so two different parts can be run

RTF’s zinc phosphating system runs standard process
cycles, and custom process cycles that are created to
meet customer specifications. Chemical analysis and
process control are automated to satisfy various quality
programs. With each completed load, the zinc phosphating
line generates a process summary detailing the
process cycle, the tank temperatures, and relevant
chemical parameters.

RTF provides OEMs and fine blanking companies with
highest quality deburring and zinc phosphating services –
and the opportunity to save both time and transport costs.

Surface improvement, from rust removal to
abrasive blasting, and zinc phosphating
is our specialty!

Rack engineering makes a critical difference in the deposition quality of zinc phosphating.
Rack engineering makes a critical difference in the deposition quality of zinc phosphating.
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